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    • Статьи и репортажи Узбекистан     14.05.2018
      Travel to Uzbekistan: warm impressions and positive emotions 

      Sunny Uzbekistan is a country of light, warmth, hospitable hosts and fairy-tale cities, the visit of which takes you during the fairy-tale "Thousand and One Night". This land has a real oriental flavor, high minarets, temples, picturesque bazaars with their untold riches.

      There are many interesting things here: handmade carpets, expensive silks, exquisite jewelry made of gold and silver, oriental sweets. One should mention traditional Uzbek cuisine, which many have heard of. Who will stand before the delicious pilaf, crispy cakes baked in tandoor, juicy fragrant samsa! Moreover, in each region of Uzbekistan there are special recipes for cooking national dishes.

      The capital of the country, Tashkent, is a modern city, where there are high-rise buildings, theaters, restaurants, concert halls. At the same time, the state cherishes its historical ensemble Sheikhantaur, which includes three mausoleums, the Kukeldash Madrassah, the Jami Mosque. All these attractions are very ancient, built in the 14-16 centuries. Make a transfer to the high-speed train to Samarkand, and in 2 hours you will find yourself in one of the oldest cities, which is about 3000 years old! This is the ancient capital of the empire of the conqueror Tamerlane. Here, the eyes scatter from the abundance of old buildings, which are well preserved to our days. Let's name just a few: Registan is the most beautiful complex of three madrassas painted with quirky patterns; Gur-Emir - the burial-vault of Timurids; the ensemble of Shakhi-Zinda mausoleum and Ulugbek's observatory. The nature of Uzbekistan is striking in contrasts.

      High mountains are replaced by flowering valleys. During a travel tour to Uzbekistan tourists have the opportunity to visit caves, ride horses. Also throughout the year there are many different festivals and holidays. For example, in May, in historical places, there are festivals, which attract many people from all over the world. You can get acquainted with the unique culture of the country, see national traditions, folklore performances, show national clothes, horse racing, and competitions of cooks.

      In a word, there is a lot of interesting things in Uzbekistan! The tourist industry has been developing at a rapid pace. Comfortable hotels, cozy guest houses, various excursions, modern means of communication are to service of travelers. Transport infrastructure will also please. The prices in hotels pleasantly surprise.

      This ancient and at the same time young state conceals in itself so many riddles and undiscovered secrets that you will not regret spending money. Wish you a pleasant stay in hospitable Uzbek land!