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    Интересный отель под названием Sulanka, построен после цунами, но пришёл в запустение, есть охранник и территорию его убирают, но смотрится он как будто ему сто лет. Морской воздух очень быстро делает своё дело для разрушения этого дома. Интересна его судьба и вся информация о нём, но её не густо, вот только что удалось найти о нём в этой заметке на английском языке, о былом его убранстве и замысла архитектора.

    A view of the river from the verandah

    There are some “artistic” touches, like classical concrete heads in odd places, concrete feet in the bathrooms and giant jars on the lawn to add a frivolous ambience. A pavilion with its own dining table is poised over the river, while the verandah has more tables and chairs than a good restaurant. By the entrance from the beach to the garden is the staff cottage, built in traditional style and painted a lovely, bright ochre.
    Although it has only two bedrooms, one at each end, the guest bungalow is huge, and cleverly laid out. Each bedroom is large enough to include a dining table and chairs, a chunky coffee table and chairs, a chest of drawers, cupboards and a double bed. Off each one there is a bathroom partly open to the sky, with a tree growing in it. The bedrooms have French windows that open onto the verandah running the length of the house, parallel to the river. The doors of the bedrooms are the tallest I have seen in a bungalow and seem to reach up to the ceiling.
    The bedrooms are linked by the central lounge, with comfortable sofa and chairs at one end, a flat-screen television in the middle, and a long dining table at the other end. There is a guest bathroom there too. The air conditioning units seemed superfluous as it was only natural to throw open the French windows on the beach and river sides, and let the air flow through.
    The kitchen is on the seaside, partly open to the breeze, with a separate preparation pantry actually opening on to the beach. There the caretaker/cook rustles up delectable meals from ingredients provided by the guests.
    Bedroom with openair bathroom
    During my visit we hailed a passing motorboat, which picked us up at the bungalow’s jetty and took us for a brief river cruise.
    We met some fishermen who were happy to sell us some magnificent, plump river crayfish. Just 20 minutes after they had been in the river, the bungalow’s cook turned them into the best sundowner snack I have ever tasted.
    Unfortunately, as happens with beachside properties, the corrosive sea air has worked its wicked way and the bungalow, although built since the tsunami, already has a patina that’s affected some of the fittings.
    However, it is a stunning place to stay in simple do-it-yourself style. And no complaints about the service!
    Reservations for Sri Lankans at Rs. 10,000++ per night for the entire bungalow can be made at Sri Lankan Tourism Promotion Bureau, 80 Galle Road, Colombo 3; tel: 011 2348887.
    (The correct telephone number for Robin Hill Bungalow Suites reviewed in the last Resort Report column is 071 4174714.)


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